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Electronic Work Instruction Viewer

HyperView allows CAD drawings, scanned raster images, color and grayscale photographs, and text to be electronically viewed on computers and terminals. Work instruction pages created in TechEdit, containing graphics, photos, and text, can be displayed. HyperView's many features include redlining with text, lines, arrows, boxes, circles, whiteout, freehand, and symbol libraries. Extensive viewing and searching tools enhance HyperView's utility.

All kinds of graphics, from work instruction sheets to large engineering drawings, can be displayed on a user's desktop or from manufacturing terminals. HyperView can be linked easily to other applications to quickly display engineering graphics. HyperView's powerful hyperlinking feature allows you to go to other drawings, folders, text files, and AVI video clips. Launch linking to other applications is also supported.

Drawings can be organized for quick retrieval using the HyperView Folder feature. Folders allow alphanumeric search for a drawing, and let users page through multiple drawing sets. User interface and capabilities are customizable; for example, redlining may be eliminated.

Included with HyperView is dPhoto, a utility for managing, displaying, and printing digital photographs.