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A Database Tool For Organizing, Managing, And Maintaining Manufacturing Instructions

Methods offers a structured view of manufacturing procedures in outline form, and enables you to view and print sets of procedures organized by manufacturing area, line, or station; product group; or product. Use common procedures repeatedly, in many different manufacturing applications, but maintain only one copy.

With Methods, you can automatically assemble correctly sequenced and up-to-date work instruction pages for viewing on the shop floor, based on product options or revision level. Bar codes on work orders are scanned to display complete instructions, or change pages only.

Methods enables you to automatically create one-click links to Material Safety Data Sheets and other safety procedures; quality control information; SPC data collection software; ECN's; and BOM, ERP, Kanban, and other manufacturing databases. Latest revisions are automatically linked.

Included with Methods is dPhoto, a utility for managing, displaying, and printing digital photographs.

The Methods screen, which shows the outline format for your database; Methods outline building tools; and Station Methods, for use on the factory floor; have clear and easy-to-use graphical interfaces.

Workflow Features
Methods' workflow features automate the process of approval, release, and archive for manufacturing procedures. Statuses such as New, Rejected, Submitted, Approved, Released, and Archived can be assigned to procedures, and automatically maintained as procedures move through the workflow process. Multiple revisions can be prepared and approved in advance, even if the order of release will be determined by unpredictable future events, such as the receipt of new parts.

Revision Control
A comprehensive revision control system ensures that electronic factory floor documentation is correct and complete; and that procedures displayed are the correct revisions, with all steps in the process displayed in the proper order. Methods automatically maintains release authorizations, release dates, release change pages, and corresponding ECN's electronically. This data is instantly available as a manufacturing procedure revision summary in either printed form or online on the factory floor. Operators assembling from printed work instructions can instantly verify that the prints represent the current revision. Automatic audit logging allows supervisors to verify that the current revision was actually viewed.

Document Control
Full document control features enable automatic document control stamping. For example, "Expiration" or "Uncontrolled After" can be printed on work instruction sheets to ensure that the correct versions are used on the factory floor, where hard copies of instructions are used.

Related Products
Author Methods enables work instruction authors to use the Methods database. DataWizard is a database tool enabling online access to other manufacturing data sources within the TechView system.