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Engineering Authoring Tool For Manufacturing Work Instructions

TechEdit is a sophisticated and powerful authoring tool to create electronic or paper-based engineering work instructions for manufacturing environments. TechEdit for Microsoft Windows features direct support for importing, editing, and high-resolution printing of scanned images, CAD drawings, text, and color and grayscale photographs.

TechEdit is easy to use. Its many features enable you to create effective process documentation to meet ISO and QS 9000 standards. Templates with labels, extensive drawing and editing tools, and TechEdit's easy-to-use interface, make mass production of work instructions easy and efficient.

Work instructions are created in TechEdit using templates, which contain labels enabling work instruction detail to be added data-entry style.  Photographs taken on the shop floor using a digital camera are added to clearly illustrate manufacturing processes.  Descriptive icons, dragged from a library included with TechEdit, may be used as bullets for procedure steps.

Included with TechEdit is dPhoto, a utility for managing, displaying, and printing digital photographs.