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TechView Training

At TechView, we believe training is a valuable part of the initial purchase of our software products. Therefore, we offer customized, practical training geared specifically to your company's needs and desired results.

Save Time And Money
Feedback received from customers we have trained has been very positive. They have found that they are able to produce work instruction pages in half the time, with greater efficiency. Moreover, the training pays for itself within about two months in terms of time saved creating work instructions.

Create The Right System
With over eight years of system setup experience, we can provide expert guidance for those in need of assistance in setting up and implementing all phases of their work instruction system. We can help you to avoid common mistakes, and to create a system that your company can continue to use as your needs change and expand.

Practical, Custom Training
Training is done at your site. Before we come in, we request that you describe your vision of your desired work instructions. Based on your input, we then produce an instruction spec and train your employees to create work instructions to that specification. We are also prepared to give you advice on "best practices" based on our years of experience.

We offer two types of training for new customers:

System Planning, Setup, And Installation
This training involves planning and setting up your system, as well as software installation and configuration. It can include custom setup of directories and directory aliases, libraries, and form templates to your specifications. We recommend at least one day of system planning and setup to start; more if you would like our assistance in helping to define your system.

User Training
User training would then follow for each software product purchased. For example, with TechEdit, users are trained to create work instructions incorporating the templates and libraries already in place. Students learn everything they need to know to begin producing "floor-ready" work instructions before the end of the training session. We recommend at least two days of user training.

In addition, we offer advanced training. Since we release upgraded versions of our software on an annual basis, some of our current customers have found this type of training useful in ensuring that they make effective use of new features.